An Experimental Machine, Dual Processor Build


With the crunching of larger data sets comes longer processing times.
This fact and the recent failure of my computer power supply has led to building a new computer.
This is the build log of a multi-purpose processing, programming and visual stimulus testing machine.

Some Questions about Time

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I recently gave a talk at the Geelong Mood Support Group, it was a great night and a challenge to keep my usual rambling style relevant to the audience of patients and carers.

Structure from Impermanence

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On my recent cycling trip into the Brisbane Waters National Park (in NSW), I was fortunate enough to be in a very rainy period with fast flowing creeks the norm wherever I camped.
As the water flows off from the eucalyptus forest, it takes with it foam forming chemicals. An oddity of this particular creek was an…

Changing times and existential angst

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photo. by Sandra Torralba, included with thanks

The artistry of molecules

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Molecules are beautiful things, intricate and infinitely variable. As part of research publications it can be useful to catch them from their best angles. This short post gives some tips on how to present molecules in publications.