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Arduino I/O and Dynamic Graphing with R and the Manipulate library

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Recently, our lab has been working on a general timing measurement system to ensure that psychophysical timing of experiments is valid with different experimental setups ranging from calibrated lab CRT monitors to LCD projectors in MRI facilities.
Essentially, we aim to have a portable and easy to use recorder of digital and analogue signals that can …

Software for Research, Part 4: LyX and LaTeX

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One of the perennial jobs for researchers, is producing production quality documents. This task often becomes more complicated than it should be due to the tools applied to it. Just as applying a blunt chisel to a good piece of wood will produce an amateurish result, using a blunt program will produce a substandard document (or …

Software for Research, Part 3: [R], RStudio and ggplot2 for Statistics

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[R] is an excellent open-source statistics language. It's cross-platform and free and I think it will eventually displace proprietary stat's packages due to its rapid development, speed and ease of use. So there's no time like the present to get used to using it.