Psychophysics experiments often require passing messages and signals between different computers and devices. There are a number of methods that are generally used and the limitations of these methods are often a source of consternation for researchers. Experiments designed to probe human temporal perception are particularly sensitive to timing errors in the apparatus. Therefore we have been developing a high resolution signal acquisition device for sending and receiving signals and doing some basic processing.

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Recently, our lab has been working on a general timing measurement system to ensure that psychophysical timing of experiments is valid with different experimental setups ranging from calibrated lab CRT monitors to LCD projectors in MRI facilities. Essentially, we aim to have a portable and easy to use recorder of digital and analogue signals that can be analysed for delays in hardware and software as well as jitter in various parameters.

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Francesco Giorlando

Musings on Research, Tech and Medicine
Dr Giorlando is a clinician-scientist with interests in neuroscience, psychophysics, addiction and temporal perception. He implements high-performance computing and electronic systems for research and enjoys hacking with digital media and sustainable technologies.

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Melbourne, Australia